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8. srpna 2009 v 10:44 | Kvicka
Monday, July 27, 2009
TOYZ 2009.05 - Take a picture we don't care.
Current mood: energetic
Hey how!

Here we go again, sorry for not writing any blogs the last weeks. So I wanted to steo by a and leave a few words.
There was a lot goin' on and finally our new music video has hit the internets and tv stations.

The work with Space Cowboy, Martin Kierszenbaum and Red One was very relaxed and a lot of fun.
I think the track is very unusual and might suprise some people because we are showing off another side of Cinema Bizarre.
Sometimes it's good to not take yourself so serious. To let yourself go and just party.
So we needed a special video for a special song. We created a bizarre parade. Trashy and glamorous.
And that's what I always see in Berlin. A lot of trash and glamour. So you could say the party is Berlin-inspired.
The director we worked with is called Lennart Brede.
The jacket I was wearing was from a very young Berlin-based designer. She's making a lot of unisex clothes and her label is called von bardonitz.

Make sure to check our weekly internet TV show CB.TV. Just check our buzznet channel every thursday as well as our myvideo channel & the official youtube channel every Thursday to catch the latest episode.

It's all very exciting to bring out TOYZ in Europe and BANG! in America.
I get butterflies when I think about it. It's kinda magical. But that's what music is about.

We're planning the WE'RE ALL TOYZ tour at the moment that will lead us though Europe again all over this year and we're also planning new shows in America.
I get a lot of mails with questions in which new countries we are planning to come.
The best way to find out is to check our Official website and our Bandspace. When a date is confirmed you will see it their first!

Thank you so much for all your love and glam-trashtastic support!
Stay bizarre and get ready to play! Kisses,


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28. května 2009 v 23:39 | Kvicka
Thursday, May 28, 2009
TOYZ 2009.04 - Music remains.
"Willkomen, Bienvenue, Welcome -
Cinema, Cinema, Cinema!"

It's bloogin' time again and so much stuff is goin on.
We are workin' on the idea for our new music video "I CAME 2 PARTY", it'll be shot in June. It'll be some kind of video remake based on an idea of a music video that's a classic. I'm not going to tell you too much. What do you think should a Cinema Bizarre party look like?

A week ago we've been in Italy and had a wonderful performance of "DEEPER & DEEPER" at the Italian MTV TRL Awards. Because the album release was postponed again, we wanted to make you a little present and this track is downloadable for free at!

And the journey continues: On the weekend we'll have the "TOYZ" pre-release-party in Hamburg where we will appear as DJs and even play a few new tracks from the album for you. Hope I'll see you there!
Next week we'll be in Paris and have a little special event for you - an intimate accoustic evening - and the we'll head to Moscow and Kiev for some concerts.

But a few things happened these days that weren't so nice.
There was some buzz about stuff that leaked on the internet that upset some of you.
Also I read some reviews about the album that were kind of... I don't know how I should say it... they were kind of funny. They were writing about all our make up, about how much hairspray we use, about the "wrong" way of writing "TOYZ" with a Z and so on.
That's fine for me, but I really don't understand the point of writing a review about an album without writing about the music.
Yes, Cinema Bizarre is not only meant to be heard but also to be seen.
We are making video, photos, are creating images... but all this comes along with the music.

There has always been a lot of controversy in my life. I guess it's the same with the band.
But I just don't want you to lose focus on the most important thing.
You can have as much posters as you want in your room, you can have zero posters.
You can dress the way you want, you can write whatever you want about us.
As long as you care about one thing: the music.
I don't want you to forget that, it seems that happened to the person who has written that review (or copied it from another writer).

So many things come and go. Music remains, Art remains.

Stay Bizarre.
Jack E. Strify

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25. května 2009 v 23:54 | Kvicka
Monday, May 25, 2009
with eyes wide shut
Current mood: thankful
'Allo ;D

more than a month ago since my last blog n i dont wrote bout new york?
okay so... i had the best Day of my Life at new York!!! :)
n the concert was awsom, like a big Bang n u shot me right into heaven that night!

the last weeks right after passed by xtreme fast, i dont even know where my head is right now @.@

toyZ is comin closer! im sry that we had to change the date, but were workin on it to make this time prettier for u ;D

soon we will hav our lil party at Hamburg, im awaitin all of u! <3

mucho grazie for evryone that came to see us at TRL Italia, great Thingy n we had the chance to meet som old friends n get connected to new ones ;)

i think u alrdy heard bout my new tats, they need to heal atm so soon i will giv u som pix of it if u dont get the chance to see them at hamburg ;)
also iv got the fever again n needed more piercings, two for now n more to come! >=D

at this point i wanna say a big sry to all of u who got angry the last days or smthin bout private things of mine...pls respect my private life n stop leakin things bout.
evrything needs time and as the Hero of Time i need som more now :)
muuuch THX to all my Supporters that stand behind me n help me all the time, i rly appreciate this n i wanna giv u my biggest thanks!

with a lot of Luv from Lord Jabu Jabu, all the rockers n for sure myself!

yu my Tragus Pierced Ears Headache Man by the Gazette... a legal bought CD!

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1. března 2009 v 22:26 | Kvicka
Saturday, February 28, 2009

Current mood: enlightened

just found out there more than only one version of somnus nemoris

its ronin's version that goes deep into my heart so i try to play it on the piano
also i try myself on Eternity Memory of Lightwaves...kinda hard but hey ;D

maybe u know im a big fan of games, boys like to play (toyZ incoming btw)
i played World of Warcraft since the very beginnin but since a few weeks iv quitted
sure its quite nice that u hav all these options n stuff but...
games like that shud wake emotions in u! u wanna be that hero and feel like it, many heroes has passed in this world and so games r a good way to feel alike.

the last days i played a game, i came to the end, beatin up the endboss n watched the ending...thats it man! that game had a message, it moved smth in me, it made me think bout stuff in this time n also what cud be in the future oh and it got me damn close to the tears, and thats what a game shud be like!!!

this is no order to you like stop this or play that, simply thoughts of mine.

games r like books, movies or music. everythin has its story and this is what we wanna to hear, read or listen, isnt it?

everything or everyone has its own story

too many thoughts n i dunnow how to tell ya everythin ;D

smth else, again a bathroom pic yaaay~
im just crazy bout that new stylin stuff, its from osis n called dust it - makin my hair like that was never so easy
(dont mind bout no makeup)

gettin back on the piano ;D

nice eve <3


ps: thx for the cute cmts to my wings <3

pps: thats a note that i quit WoW cuz it dont gave me any feelin that other games like final fantasy and all this stuff do. Challenges, Dreams n Story, no CounterStrike in an Medieval Style!

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27. února 2009 v 21:02 | Setja-Nertha
Po dlouhé době je zde konečně zveřejněn překlad Strifyho blogu, pokud se tu najde takový rejpal a bude mít nějaké výtky proti způsobu, jak jsem některá slova či věty přeložila, upozorňuji předem, že daná osoba si to opravdu nemile odnese... Tím ovšem netvrdím, že jsem neomylná, takže pokud tam najdete nějaké strašné chyby, tak dejte prosím vědět ;) ale snažila jsem se přeložit Strifyho slova způsobem, aby to osoby neovládající angličtinu pochopily tak, jak to autor myslel ;)
© Setja-Nerthe

Tuesday, February 10, 2009
TOYZ 2009.02 - 90% T.O.Y.Z.

"My dearest friend if you don't mind,
I'd like to join you by your side."
(Jack Skellington)
("Můj nejdražší příteli, pokud by ti to nevadilo,
rád bych, se k tobě připojil."
(Jack Skellington) )

Je to chvilka od mého posledního příspěvku a je celkem vzácné, že jsem online na MySpace.
Ale album zabere nějaký čas a já mám na práci tolik dalších věcí.
Ale již pár týdnů máme účet na twitteru.
Takže pokud chcete být s námi vždy v kontaktu a pokud chcete vědět, co děláme, následujte nás na

Myslím, že bych vám mohl říci, že album je již z 90% dokončené.
Už jsme začali s "artwork-y" a přidáváme nějaké "pop art" elemety.
Cover už je také skoro hotový a během příštích týdnů na vás čekají velké novinky stejně jako "TOYZ" cover a track list.
Udělali jsme okolo 20-ti songů a nyní se rozhodujeme, jaké budou tvořit album. Pořádně vzrušující! A nemohu se dočkat, až si poslechnete, na čem jsme posledních 6 měsíců pracovali, a zvláště na hraní písní před vámi na nadcházející tour. Ještě není rozhodnut její název.

Abych vám zkrátil čekání, povím vám něco o písních.
Začali jsme je psát v dubnu a zabralo nám to pár měsíců. Produkce-nahrávání začala před dvěma měsíci. Hodně demo nahrávek vokálů bylo nahráno tak dobře, že jsme je nechali i na album.
Některé z prvních nahraných songů jsou nazvány "Je ne regrette rien"(Nelituj ničeho) a "Fetish (My Obsession)" (Modla (Má posedlost) )" a opravdu je miluji. Text "Je ne regrette rien" je téměř jako báseň - trochu "hořkosladká". Je o hloubce osobnosti a o mnoho stránkách, které osoba může mít . A dokonce když uděláte chybu, neměli byste ji jen tak smazat. Dokonce když selžete neměli byste se rmoutit.
"Fetish (My Obsession)" je taková silná a vzrušující balada. Ten den jsme neměli v úmyslu psát nějaké písně. Byl jsem ve studiu, abych nahrál nějaké demo nahrávky. Ale řekl jsem jim o mém nápadu a bylo to jako nějaký druh magie. V pokoji bylo úžasné piano a prostě se to stalo!
A jistě cítíte v písni to kouzlo.
Text k "Tears in Vegas"(Slzy ve Vegas) jsem napsal s Michell Leonard zatímco jsem byl v jejím domě v Kolíně nad Rýnem. Měli jsme báječný večer se skvělým vínem a hovořili jsme o spoustě věcí. Píseň se ukázala jako song vhodný na album TOYZ. Je to o pokusu vyřešit situaci, když neexistuje žádný plán, jak žít, a o tom, kdo vytváří pravidla.
Ukazujeme uzavřenost stejně dobře jako otevřenost.
Můžeme být sladcí jako cukrovinka a krutí jako zimní bouře.

"I am Jackyll when I'm Hide.
I'm a demon locked inside.
I am restless when I sleep.
I'm the beauty and the beast..."
(Je ne regrette rien)
("Jsem Jackyll, když jsem Hide.
Jsem démon uzamčený uvnitř.
Jsem neklidný, když spím,
Jsem kráska a zvíře.")
(Nelituj ničeho)

Hádám, že jsem neřekl dost, abych vás potěšil
Ale někdy je lepší, když některá přání zůstanou neuspokojena.

Uvidíme se brzy,

Jack E. Strify

Yuova rada

26. února 2009 v 21:50 | Kvicka

" keep in mind SMOKIN IS NOT COOL
n alcohol shud be smth u drink with handle!!!..."

Tohle je kousíček toho, co dneska napsal Yu
na svůj blog na myspace..doufam, že to nemusím
překládat...mě to zaujalo..jako docela dost dobrá

na žádost to teda nakonec přeložím..aspoň zhruba:
"...tak mějte na paměti KOUŘENÍ NENÍ COOL
a s pitím alkoholu by jste se měli ovládat..."

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11. února 2009 v 21:26 | Kvicka
Tuesday, February 10, 2009

TOYZ 2009.02 - 90% T.O.Y.Z.

"My dearest friend if you don't mind,
I'd like to join you by your side."
(Jack Skellington)

It's been a while since my last blog and it's quite rare that I'm online in MySpace.
But the album takes some time and I had so many other things on my mind.
But since a few weeks we have got a twitter account.
So if you always want to stay in contact with us and if you want to know what we're doing, just follow us on

I think you could say the album is finished 90%.
We've already started with artwork and we will bring in some pop art elements.
The cover is also almost finished and during the next weeks there are some big news waiting for you as the official "TOYZ" cover as well as the track list.
We've done about 20 songs and need to decide now which will make it on the album. Pretty exciting! And I can't wait to let you hear what we've been working on the last 6 months and escpecially play the songs in front of you on the upcoming tour. Haven't decided a tour title yet.

To cut the waiting time shorter for you, I'm going to tell you something about some songs.
We started with writing in August and it took us a few months. The production began two months ago. A lot of the vocals recorded for the demos were that good that we kept them for the album.
Some of the first recorded songs are called "Je ne regrette rien" and "Fetish (My Obsession)" and I really love them. The lyrics of "Je ne regrette rien" are almost like a poem and some kind of bittersweet. It's about the depth of a personality and the many side a person can have. And even if you make mistakes you shouldn't just delete them. Even if you fail you shouldn't regret.
"Fetish (My Obsession)" is such a powerful and emotional ballad. We didn't intend to write any songs that day. I was just in the studio to record some demos. But I told them about my idea and it was just some kind of magic. There was a wonderful piano in the room and it just happened!
And you feel the magic in the song for sure.
I have written the lyrics for "Tears in Vegas" with Michelle Leonard while I was staying at her house in Cologne. We had a wonderful evening with some great wine and talked about so many things that evening. The song turned out to be as some kind of Theme song for the "TOYZ" album. It's about trying to figure out if there is any masterplan for life and who makes the rules.
We are showing and introverted side as well as an extroverted.
We can be sweet as candy and cruel as a winter storm.

"I am Jackyll when I'm Hide.
I'm a demon locked inside.
I am restless when I sleep.
I'm the beauty and the beast..."
(Je ne regrette rien)

I guess I haven't said enough to please you.
But sometimes it's better when some desires are left unsatisfied.

See you soon,

Jack E. Strify

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14. ledna 2009 v 22:20 | Kvicka
oh i forgot to say~
toyZ for the whole World!!!
not only usa or only germany no, EVERYWHERE! >=D
so get ur people to us n remember everyone u know...
toyZ incoming!

oh zapomněl jsem říct~
toyZ pro celý svět!!!
ne jen pro USA nebo jen pro Německo ne...VŠUDE! >=D
tak dostaňte lidi k nám a pamatujte každého koho znáte...
toyZ přichází!

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3. ledna 2009 v 22:30 | Kvicka
Thursday, January 01, 2009
TOYZ 2009.01 - Two. Oh. Oh. Nine.
Test, test.
Can you hear me?

My name is Jack E. Strify and today is the first day of 2009.
I got a great feeling when I think about that year.
I feel that the universe has something great coming for us.
Can you feel it too? Are you with me in 2009?

I just have a simple intention.
I just want to write pop history this year.
You know I'm a modest guy.

It's crazy what a difference a year makes. I learnt many lessons in 2008, I was seeing so many new faces and places. I lost and found friends and it was a crazy rollercoaster ride. And now I'm wondering what will happen in the next twelth months... I mean it's just 365 days, 8'760 hours. That's not much compared to what can happen in that time. You can lose or win everything. Somehow life seems like a game and we're all toys in it.

So I'm wishing you all the best in 2009!
And I hope you had a great night like I had yesterday.
Kiro, Shin and me were invited over to a friend's house in Berlin.
So we had a little nice party on our own until midnight.
Afterwards we headed to a club where some Berlin-famous Drag queens were DJs and I was all dancy and enjoying myself like always when I go out.
Just give me a spotlight, a discoball and some music and I'm happy.
On the next album we also have some songs for the dancefloor. I want to have a little dancefloor invasion!
Are you ready to play?

Jack E. Strify

PS: My Top Five New Year's Eve Songs From Yesterday
5 / MIA. / Mein Freund
4 / Scissor Sisters / I Don't Feel Like Dancin'
3 / The Killers / Mr. Brightside (Jaques Lu Cont Mix)
2 / Lady GaGa / Just Dance - (although I prefer Poker Face right now)
1 / Katy Perry / Hot'n'Cold - (I hated the song in the beginning to be honest but now I have no chance of escaping it anymore)

& My Top Five Albums Of 2008
5 / Kanye West / 808s & Heartbreaks
4 / Amy Winehouse / Back to Black (although it has been released in 2006 I disovered it in 2008 and for 2006 it would heave been #1)
3 / Grace Jones / Hurricane
2 / Robyn / Robyn
1 / Lady GaGa / The Fame

what's your favourite music of 2008?

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27. listopadu 2008 v 21:40 | Kvicka
Tak konečně sem se dokopala k překladu..jásejte xD

Čtvrtek, Říjen 21, 2008
Blog Bizarre 019 - Russian champagne in the back of the car.
Jsem tu:)

Právě sedím na hotelovém pokoji v Riga (nějak netuším jak se to skloňuje xD)
Poslední dny byli zase opravdu pěkně vytížené. Rusko byla obrovská
zkušenost. Bylo to poprvé pro nás všechny že jsme navštívili Moskvu,
St. Petersburg, Krasnodar a celý zbytek země. Myslím že Rusko je
úplně odlišné od zbytku Evropy.
Moskva opravdu je dost působivé
město. Připomínalo mi to nějakým způsobem Berlín - ale o hodně větší.

Myslím, Moskva je obrovská! St. Petersburt is také opravdu hodně
krásný. Můžu slíbit že budeme zpátky v Rusku velmi brzo. Koncerty
byl ohromné - dav byl tak šílící a Moskva a St. Petersburg byli vyprodaný!
Taky jsem si hodně užil STYLE IS WAR PARTY v Moskvě.
Dneska tady byl koncert v Riga (zas to skloňování..xD) a byl opravdu
hezký. To město je tak překrásné. Neočekával jsem že Riga bude tak
krásná, jsem docela překvapený.

Zítra se představíme před Vilnius (skloňovat to originálně nebudu xD)
na posledním koncertě tento měsíc.

Jestli někdo z vás už slyšel, koncert v Moldavsku a Rumunsku byl
zrušen, protože místní pořadatel nesplnil svojí část smlouvi a pro
nás není možné aby jsme s tím pracovali. Omlouvám se každému
kdo si koupil lístky, doufáme že budeme mít šanci přijít do vaší země
velmi brzo.
Já nafotil hodně fotek a vy je budete moc velmi brzo vidět :)

Příští týden ukončíme práci na našem druhém albu.

Some love.

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27. listopadu 2008 v 20:52 | Kvicka
Thursday, November 27, 2008
Blog Bizarre 021 - In the lowlight comfort of Berlin streets
Current mood: adventurous
It's blogging time again!

Hope you're doin' fine.
It's getting cold again and I tell you the winter in Berlin is cruel.
Where I grew up winter was pretty different. It was a lot colder than in Berlin - but there were a lot of beautiful days. A lot of snow - but still sunny. We had a lot of nice winters in my childhood.
And now this'll be my second winter in Berlin. It's always kind of windy and you can feel the cold creeping up your body and getting into your bones.... anyways... I love Berlin

Do you wanna play?

You have to wait for the TOYZ till spring 2009!

We're going to get in a new process with the Album in December!
Still we are recording and collecting and writing demos. But in December we will start with the real recording! There are already some songs settled for the record and still we are trying to figure out which songs will make it on the album and which not. We are having so many good songs right now that it'll be hard to throw some away. But my favourites will be on "TOYZ" for sure!
Hm, we're having two different directions on the album: Some songs are very danceable and some are very rocky. You know I'm a club kid - I love to dance and rock the whole night through
But my favourite song so far is a ballad...
I said enough for now!

Here you go for a picture of mine from the studio.

Make sure you're havin' a good time!

Jack E. Strify

PS: This blog's title is from the newest song from IAMX "Think of England". You can get ot for free on their official homepage. I'm waiting for the album! And by the way: Grace Jones' new album is amazing!

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23. října 2008 v 20:01 | Kvicka
Tuesday, October 21, 2008
Blog Bizarre 019 - Russian champagne in the back of the car.

Here I am :)
I'm just sitting in my hotel room in Riga. The last days were
pretty busy again.

Russia was a great experience. It was the first time for all of
us to visit Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar and all the rest
of the country. I think Russia is quite different than the rest of
Moscow really is a quite impressive city. It reminds me somehow
of Berlin - but a lot bigger. I mean, Moscow is huge! St. Petersburg
is also really very beautiful. I can promise we'll be back in Russia
very soon. The concerts were great - the crowd was so crazy
and Moscow and St. Petersburg was sold out!

I also enjoyed the STYLE IS WAR PARTY in Moscow a lot.

Today there was the concert in Riga and it was really nice. The
city is so beautiful. I didn't expect Riga to be that pretty, I'm
quite surprised. Tomorrow we're heading towards Vilnius for
the last concert this month. As some of you have already heard,
the concerts in Moldova and Romania had to be cancelled because
the local promoter didn't fulfill his side of the contract and it's not
possible for us to work with that. Sorry for everyone who bought
tickets, we hope we'll have the chance to come to your country
very soon.
I took a lot of photos you are going to see very soon :)

Next week we'll continue working on the second album.

Some love.

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19. října 2008 v 21:02 | Kvicka

Strifyho zpráva z Myspace

Blog Bizarre 018 - Paříž Paříž!
Aktuální stav: uvolněný
Jsem zase zpátky!
Za poslední dny se toho hodně stalo.

Po skvělém koncertu v Milánu, jsem byli skoro týden zase
ve Stockholmu. To byli zatraceně tvůrčí dny ve studiu!
Jsem tak rozrušený z plánovaného vydání 2. alba v příštím
roce. Sice ještě nemáme datum a jsme teprv v demo procesu
ale už teď to miluju miluju miluju.

Ale už máme název alba, který pyšně oznámíme 1. listopadu
na oficiální fanpage a samozřejmě
na (a taky se to samozřejmě co nejdřív obejví tady ;)

Ve Stockholmu jsem dokonce potkal P!nk, což bylo docela
paradoxem, protože jsem zrovna měl v hlavě její song,
když kolem mě prošla, když opouštěla hotel. Myslím si že je
pořádně cool!

Koncert v Paříži byl zatraceně dobrý. Jak se můžete kouknout
na YouTube my jsme do show dali něco speciálního. To byli
Cinema Bizarre tak jak by měli být :) Klub Bataclan byl vůbec
jeden z nejžhavějších klubů, v kterým sem kdy vůbec byl.
Zvuk byl perfektní ale moje vlasy byli potom špinavý :) Jen
jsem měli nějaké techniclé problémy s televizními obrazovkami.
Bohužel vám právě teď nemůžu ukázat nějaké obrázky,
protože nemůžu najít kabel na připojení mého foťáku. Ale
když budete chtít tak pěkný zábavný video je k nalezení na
YouTube. Někdo hodil balíček cigaret na jeviště a já se zrovna
nemohl bránit....ale to že nesnáším kouření neznamená že
nesnáším kuřáky.

Den po show v Paříži jsme šli do Disneylandu a byl to takový
báječný den. Miluju když listy mění svoje barvy a vy se radujete
z posledních slunečných paprsků. Byl to jeden z těch hezkých

Všichni jsme jeli na rollercoasters - opravdu si dej jízdu na Space
Mountain a mým oblíbeným: The Tower of Terror (dům/věž hrůzy).
Na posledním jsem se hyystericky smál pototže to byla taková
legrace! Je to skoro tak dobrý jako být na jevišti!
A celé parky byly zdobené v duchu Helloweenu, kterej mám
opravdu hodně rád. Bylo jen škoda, že jsem se nedostal k tomu,
koupit si bublifuk a foukat pak celý den bubliny do vzduchu, jak
jsem plánovala, a nenašel jsem v parku žádného Jacka
Skellingtona, ačkoliv byl Halloween. Ale koupil jsem si malého
Jacka v Tower of Terror (domu hrůzy).

Dnes jsme se vrátil z koncertu z Lucemburska. Bylo to skvělé,
přestože to bylo pro mě velice obtížné, protože jsme byl
opravdu nemocný. Dokonce jsme museli na zítřek zrušit práci
ve studiu v Hamburku, protože potřebuju čas na to uzdravit se.
Teď se těším do Ruska.

Brzo se uvidíme :)

Strifys message from Myspace - EN

14. října 2008 v 21:23 | Kvicka

Strifys message from Myspace

Blog Bizarre 018 - Paris Paris!
Current mood: relaxed
I'm back again!
There was much going on the last days.

After the great concert in Milano, we've been almost a week to
Stockholm again. These were some bloody creative days in the
studio! I am already so excited about the release of the album
next year. We don't have a date yet and we still are in the demo
process, but I already love love love it. But there's already an
album title which will be proudly announced on the 1st of
November on the official fanpage and
of course
In Stockholm I even met P!nk which was quite paradox because
I had her new song in my head as she passed my way to leave
the hotel. I think she's a pretty cool one!

The concert in Paris was fucking awesome. As you can see on
the videos on YouTube we brought something special for the
show. That was Cinema Bizarre how it should be :) The Bataclan
club was really one of the hottest clubs I've ever been to. The
sound was great but my hair was a mess afterwards :) We only
had some technical problems with the TV screens.
Unfortunately I can't show you any images right now because
I can't find the connecting wire from my camera.
But there you go for a pretty funny video I found on YouTube.
Someone threw a pack of cigarettes on stage and I just couldn't
resist... But that I hate smoking doesn't mean that I hate smokers.
The day after the show in Paris we went to Disneyland and it
was such a lovely day. I love it when the leaves turn their
colours and you get to enjoy the last sunshine. It was one of
those nice days. We rode all the rollercoasters - you really get
to ride Space Mountain and my favourite: The Tower of Terror.
I was laughing hysterically in the last one because it was that
much fun! It's almost as good as being on stage! And the whole
parks was decorated in a Halloween theme which I really liked
a lot. It was a pitty though I didn't get to buy bubbles and blow
them in the air all day as I planned and I didn't find any Jack
Skellington in the Park though it was Halloween. But I bought
a little Jack in the Tower of Terror.
Today we returned from the concert in Luxembourg. It was great
though it was quite difficult for me because I got really sick. We
even had to cancel the work for the studio in Hamburg tomorrow
because I need time to get well again.
Now I am looking forward to Russia.

See you soon :)